Canelo vs. GGG: Who will win?


At this point, it’s the only question worth asking: Who will win Saturday night’s fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin? Our experts make their picks.

Dan Rafael

Golovkin by decision
It’s the best fight in boxing and I think it will live up to the hype with Golovkin winning a decision in a memorable battle we’ll talk about for years.

Nick Parkinson

Golovkin by decision
I expect an exciting fight to swing both ways but GGG will will have enough to win on points. I think Golovkin will use his boxing skills and laser beam jab well to break down Canelo in the later rounds, possibly flooring him on the way to a decision.

Teddy Atlas

Alvarez by split decision
Two years ago I said Golovkin was too big and too strong. Since then Golovkin has declined and perhaps even been exposed as a one-dimensional fighter while Canelo has improved. There will still be danger in that right hand of Golovkin for the first six rounds, but if Canelo can avoid getting caught with the big shot I think he can out box an older Golovkin and win a split decision.

Nigel Collins

Alvarez by decision
There won’t be much to choose between them after 12 rounds of terrific action, but the advantage in that sort of situation usually goes to the fighter with the greater upside. And in this case that’s Canelo, whose participation will be responsible for the preponderance of PPV revenue.

Eric Raskin
HBO Boxing

Alvarez by decision
I’ve felt dating back to Canelo’s fight with Cotto that he could at least be competitive with GGG, but I never would have predicted him to actually win — until now. Golovkin is beginning to show his age, and Canelo is getting better and stronger with every fight. I’m anticipating an intense fight that’s close all the way and ends with both men raising their hands, only for Canelo to be announced as the narrow winner.

Salvador Rodriguez

Alvarez by unanimous decision
Alvarez and Golovkin will give us an electrifying night in Las Vegas. Golovkin and his devastating power will test Canelo’s resistance and heart, but Alvarez also knows he has the boxing skills, the counterattack and defense to neutralize GGG. Canelo wins unanimous decision.

Joe Cortez
ESPN Deportes

Alvarez by decision
Golovkin is a strong fighter who brings lots of talent and has a good chin. But I think Alvarez, who is the younger fighter, is hungry to be the best pound-for-pound fighter and will win in a hard-fought fight by a close decision.

Claudia Trejos

Alvarez by split decision
This is a true test of fire for Alvarez and Golovkin. GGG’s power can not be denied; 89 percent of his victories have come by way of KO. Nevertheless, that power was somehow neutralized by Daniel Jacobs, who used his ability to walk the ring, using the angles and change of stance, with an impeccable physical condition to put Golovkin in check and revealed his defensive flaws. Against Canelo, Gennady will have to use all the tools acquired in his extensive amateur boxing experience. GGG will have to honor his motto and put on a “big drama show” while bringing his best version of “Mexican style” boxing to the ring. Canelo, with 12 years of experience, is not the same fighter who faced Carlos Baldomir seven years ago. Alvarez is a boxer with 51 bouts in his record, with excellent work ethic and very patient. At age 27 and with physical maturity, Canelo has developed an explosive and effective hook. I expect a fierce fight, both chins will be tested. Alvarez will take the win by split decision.

Bernardo Pilatti

Golovkin by KO
It will be a power struggle where Golovkin will be stronger than Canelo. GGG is the king of consistency and technique. GGG should win by KO after the seventh round. Another result will be surprise.

Carlos Nava

Alvarez by decision
Canelo Alvarez has improved in all aspects of the game in recent years. Although he still has difficulty cutting the ring, this time he faces an opponent who is not the fastest and who trusts too much in is power to win by knockout. Canelo has never been knocked down and because of his uppercut and counter punches he will be able to get ahead in front of his fans in a full arena.

Carlos Narvaez

Golovkin by KO
There is no doubt Alvarez will be in great condition, but I don’t think that could be enough to defeat Golovkin, who is a natural middleweight, very powerful and has a huge heart. It will be a great battle between two Mexican boxing style boxers where power would be the big factor. I see Golovkin prevail by KO in the 10th round.

Leopoldo Gonzalez
ESPN Deportes/Noche de Combates

Golovkin by TKO
Alvarez’s speed and counterattack will give Golovkin some difficulties in the first five or six rounds. But later in the fight GGG will reduce Canelo’s mobility with power punches and take over the fight.

Delvin Rodriguez
ESPN Deportes

Canelo by decision
The first seven rounds will be back and forth between Alvarez and Golovkin. But after the seventh, I think Canelo will use more of his boxing abilities, keeping the distance and using lateral movements to win a close fight.

Pablo Viruega
ESPN Deportes

Alvarez by KO
Golovkin is known for his power and for finishing his opponents fast. But Canelo has shown that he can withstand strong battles. He has a tough chin and his punches are powerful enough to penetrate GGG’s defense. It’s going to be an intense bout from start to finish.

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