Can Brok Weaver be the UFC’s next Mega Star?

The answer is YES, absolutely! Brok Weaver IS the next UFC Superstar. Brok ‘Chata Tuska” Weaver won his Dana White Contender Series Fight last Tuesday against a very game opponent(9-1) Devin Smyth and achieved his dream of being a UFC Fighter. However, Brok has been ready for this moment, he was ready when he fought his friend and trainer partner Tyler “Zombie” Hill last December at Island Fights 51. That fight was supposed to be on the Dana White Looking For A Fight Series but Dana suffered a foot injury preventing him from attending that event. Brok still fought that night regardless and had one of the biggest wins of his career. Brok was ready again when he fought James Freeman Jr. at Island Fights 52 in February on UFC Fight Pass and won via submission in the 1st round. Brok Weaver finally got his call and was booked on week 1 of the Dana White Contender Series against Leon Shahbazyan. Leon unfortunately was rushed to the hospital the night before weigh ins and Brok received a call from Sean Shelby to inform him his fight was canceled. It seemed like Brok’s opportunity to fight in front of Dana White kept slipping through the cracks but the next day Sean Shelby told Brok Weaver that he was rebooked 7 weeks later to fight Devin Smyth. With an amazing performance and huge win over one of the best prospects in the country and giving the best post fight contender series speech of all time, Brok was given a UFC contract by UFC president Dana White. Dana said “I’d be an idiot if I didn’t sign Brok Weaver”. Brok’s epic post fight speech went viral creating instant fans and that was just a glimmer into the his soul. Brok Weaver will make everyone a believer with his exciting fighting style, his relentless heart and confident twang that will absolutely make Brok Weaver the next UFC Mega Superstar.

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