Can Ben Askren be the next UFC Superstar?

Ben Funky Askren is a undefeated trash talking welterweight who is trying to take the UFC by storm! Ben who is one of the greatest mix martial artist grapplers of all time who can control his opponents by his dominating wrestling. But, can he dominate the UFC head brass and the UFC universe. 

The Funky One is 34 years old, not tan or muscular, who doesn’t want to stand and strike and oh, don’t make me mention the curly hair. Even when Ben Askren pulled of the bulldog choke on the Ruthless Robbie Lawler his first words on the stick was “Hey Dana is this really the best you got”. To move up the rankings in any profession maybe you should not attack your boss, There has been plenty of UFC fighters who befriended the boss to get special treatment like Conor McGregor, Brock Leanar, and even Ronda Rousey. Ben Askren who has all the skills on the microphone and still unbeaten in MMA but, might have to change his ways to become a UFC Superstar!

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