Battle of the undefeated: Spence vs Garcia

We finally have another huge fight in the boxing world this St. Paddy’s Day weekend. March 16th should have boxing fans ridiculously excited. Errol Spence Jr. the undefeated reigning IBF Welterweight Champion takes on Mikey Garcia the undefeated WBC Lightweight Champion. Mikey is making a big jump up to 147 lbs. and is doing so to make a even bigger name for himself . Its a dare to be great situation for Mikey. If he can pull it off against the The Truth Spence. Who has be regarded as the future of the welterweight division and has been mentioned many times in past to be on a collision course with Terrance “Bud” Crawford , who is regarded as the the pound for pound best fighter out right now. Errol Spence Jr. is 29 only 2 years younger then Mikey. “The Truth” has compiled 24-0-0 record with 21 KO’s/TKO’s. He is considered a aggressive¬† fighter who walks forward and throws hard in a calculated and break you down type of style. He has big power and speed and loves to start out fast. He applies the pressure and continues until you earn his respect or he gets you out of there early.

Mikey Garcia has put together a undefeated record as well going 39-0-0 with 30 KO’s/TKO’s. He is putting himself in a place to sit next to some of the greatest boxing names in history. Mikey is one win away fromgetting his 40th victory and capturing another divisional title belt. Mikey is one of the most technical and fundamental fighters out there. He has a boxing IQ which is one of the best in the world and he adapts in the ring just as good as the greatest of all time. He learns and adapts to you as the fight goes on and applies pressure and angles with his footwork and combos. He breaks you down over time and drags you to deep water. Don’t be fooled though and think power isn’t in his hands with 30 knockouts he can put you down just as easy.

This fight should easily be a contender for fight of the year. Both fighters are prepared hungry and ready to throw down and prove to the world they are among the best of the elite boxers of the world. So grab a green beer and some Sheppard’s pie so you can sit back and in joy the show. Because its going to be BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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