Anthony Smith responds on latest Jon Jones Drug Test

This can be a very confusing and misunderstood topic. Jon Jones latest drug test came back positive, yes. But this most recent drug test that he tested positive for was not a new substance or reingestion, it was the same turinabol metabolite from Jones 2017 test failure which he was already punished for. Therefore, Jones had a successful victory over Alexander Gustafsson and will be defending his light heavyweight belt against Anthony Smith at UFC 235.

Smith took to Twitter to issue his response on the situation, “If you’re hitting me up about this, don’t. I truly dont care. Picograms, no picograms, Olympic sized swimming pools, grains of salt ‍… I couldn’t care any less. I signed on the line and did it knowing what I was signing up for and with no expectations. I’m good, y’all.” This is a very interesting approach on Smith’s part. Past opponents of Jones have made it a part of their mental warfare against the the light heavyweight champion. But Smith seems to take a completely different approach by not giving it any attention.

Jones issued a statement on Twitter as well about the recent drug testing, “Please don’t feel sorry for me, all is well in the Jones camp. Not giving an ounce of energy to things that are out of my control.”

Overcoming issues outside of the octagon seemed to be Jones’s biggest obstacle. But with this recent test clearly out of Jone’s control and an extremely impressive victory over Gustafsson, the champ seems to be back and hungrier than ever. Smith is a serious threat to the title, a win over Smith not only legitimatizes Jones being back for good in the octagon, but sets up a massive trilogy with his rival, heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier.

For Smith, can this nonchalant approach of not caring about Jones’s drug test help him focus on the real challenge at hand? Can he land that big punch that can give Jones his first real loss? One thing is for sure, UFC 235 will be one for the ages!

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