Anthony “Showtime” Pettis

Anthony “Showtime” Pettis just KO Stephen Thompson at UFC Nashville and the first thing I thought of is Showtimes amazing longevity inside the octagon. Anthony Pettis SuperMan kicked Benson Henderson off the cage in WEC in 2010 and the mix martial art world is still in wonder on how he preformed that kick so perfectly. Showtime has 16 fights under the greatest organization in the world the UFC. Anthony has in only one of three men to hold victories in the Featherweight, Lightweight and now Welterweight division.

Showtime Pettis, from being on the cover of the wheaties cereal box, winning the Lightweight Championship vs Benson Henderson in 2013, all the way to present day which he Knocked-out a top contender welterweight, it’s been Showtime for a long time. Anthony has always demeaned respect from the UFC Universe, as Anthony Pettis fights it’s always a Must See Fight! Anthony Pettis is still training out of Roufus Sport where coach Duke molded him into a UFC Champion! Anthony Pettis has multiple options for his next fight, multiple weight classes and for different reasons, but the one thing I know for sure it will be SHOWTIME!

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