Ali Abdelaziz: Conor McGregor is a piece of sh*t scumbag, doesn’t have the ‘balls’ to fight Kamaru Usman

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Dominance MMA leader, Ali Abdelaziz has taken aim at former two-weight UFC champion, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor — calling the Dubliner, “a piece of sh*t scumbag” amid his recent comments aimed at Abdelaziz’s client, undisputed welterweight champion, Kamaru ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ Usman.

Drawing the attention of Straight Blast Gym striker, McGregor, UFC 261 headliner, Usman spoke ahead of his April 24th. rematch with Jorge Masvidal — claiming that when you pen a deal to fight with him it’s “green panty night” — similar to prior comments made by McGregor at a 2015 press event.

There’s truth and there’s no truth in that,” Usman said. “You can’t say you are the star and that’s who I want to be. That’s wrong because I have what everyone in the world wants, so you can’t say that. Of course, does he (Jorge Masvidal) bring more eyes right now? Absolutely. I’m a realist, I’ve always been a realist. Absolutely he brings more eyes right now.

If I look at all the pools of guys I’ve been through all of them, now I’m just lapping them all,” Usman explained. “if we’re running a race right now, I’m lapping everybody right now. He’s the first guy, so he’s dead last right now, the first guy I’m about to lap. I’m lapping him. So yeah, does he bring a little bit more eyes? Absolutely. I don’t take that away from him. I’m proud of everything he has done, absolutely proud of him. Respect in that aspect but let’s be honest. I have what everyone wants. It’s green panty night when you fight me. He’s not getting the pay-per-views and stuff like that on his own. He has to fight me.

Questioning if the “jackass” Usman has always been copying his one-liners, McGregor responded to a clip of Usman coining the green variation of the phrase previously used by him when firing barbs at then lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos.

Am I tripping or is this jackass (Kamaru Usman) always at this?” McGregor wrote on his official Twitter. “Everything I say.



In response to McGregor, Abdelaziz defended Usman, claiming the Dubliner is the biggest “piece of sh*t scumbag” in mixed martial arts, and that he doesn’t have the “balls” to tackle the welterweight champion.
Conor McGregor is the biggest piece of sh*t scumbag in the sport,” Abdelaziz said during a recent interview with TMZ Sports. “Kamaru Usman is a great father, he’s a great husband — he’s not a jackass. You know, if you have (a) problem with him, fight the man, right? But we know that Conor doesn’t have the balls — doesn’t have anything — he’s not enough of a man to fight anything like Kamaru. He’s not enough of a man to even look him in his face. If he looks him in his face, he’s probably going to say, ‘Hello, how are you? How you doing, sir?’ Because this is like a grown man fighting a little girl.
And the internet creates a lot of heroes,” Abdelaziz said. “Everybody can talk sh*t, but realistically, if you put these two guys in a cage, in a street fight, in the trunk of a car, in a jail cell, you know, who’s going to be who’s daddy? Kamaru Usman will be Conor’s daddy every day of the week.
While Usman prepares for his April 24th. rematch with Masvidal in Jacksonville, Florida at the Vystar Veteran’s Memorial Arena, McGregor is set to clash with former interim lightweight titleholder, Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 on July 10th. in a title-eliminator rubber-match — attempting to avenge a January knockout loss on ‘Fight Island’.

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