A look at a Spartans Mentality, Alex Nicholson

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I had the opportunity to interview Alex “The Spartan” Nicholson, fighting out of Fusion. He is a former UFC fighter and current PFL heavyweight and is known for having unreal knockouts and always puts on a show. This interview allows everyone to take a look into a Spartans mentality and see the thought process that goes through a warriors mind and what makes him so unique.

1. What are your thoughts on the UFC heavyweight division? Who should get the next title shot? 

Alex Nicholson: No thoughts do t think they hold the best fighters on the planet and personally don’t care who gets it next .

2. What are your thoughts on Brock Lesnar getting a title shot right away? 

Alex Nicholson: Not surprised about Brock it’s money over everything when it comes to UFC.

3. What is next for you and your career, what do you have coming up? 

Alex Nicholson: I’m back up in May winning this million this year.

4. What makes the PFL heavyweight tournament so special?

Alex Nicholson: Just the fact that you win 6 fights in 5 months and you’re a millionaire.

5. What separates you from everyone else?

Alex Nicholson: My attitude and angles separate me from the rest.

6. Very few fighters have the “dog” in them, it’s very easy to see who has IT and those that don’t. You have IT, where does that come from? Is it the way you train? Or is it something your born with? 

Alex Nicholson: You’re either born a dog or you’re meat it’s an unforgiving world and we’re in an unforgiving sport on top of it all.. survival of the fittest… Eat or get ate and i’ll never be bait.

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