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So if you don’t know yet the UFC heads to Brazil this weekend for a main event that puts 115 lbs. Champion Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade.  This fight is the second title defense for Rose and its against a new opponent in Jessica Andrade. The first defense of Rose’s tittle was against Joanna Jedrzejczyk the same person she won the title from. Rose finished Joanna in the first fight and had solid unanimous decision victory in the second. Well here is the fun part of us. We get to speculate on what could happen or what could not happen. Everyone knows styles make fights. Well Rose had the perfect style to beat Joanna. She is long and rangy with her strikes and she is very adept at timing and precision with her strikes. Joanna is a volume machine and relies on the long limbs and fast hands to over whelm her opponents.  These two styles clashed twice and both in favor of Rose.

Image result for jessica andrade   Here comes the speculation part. The match-up of Rose vs Joanna , Rose’s style wins, but Jessica Andrade has a completely different style. She comes forward with constant pressure looking for big power punches which are then followed by huge take downs and heavy top pressure. When these two styles clash this weekend, I give the edge to Jessica.  Yes , I know Joanna beat Jessica and beat her pretty soundly.  So listen to the Professor for second and see if you agree.  Rose’s style is the venom to Joanna style because of timing and precision strikes which creates problems for volume strikers that can’t get their range quick enough during the match.  Exactly what happened in the first encounter between Joanna and Rose. Joanna however match’s up very well stylistically against Jessica. Jessica’s constant forward movement and take down attempts actually play in to Joanna  strengths. Joanna is great at making fighters pay that rush in and throw incorrectly timed strikes. Her take down defense is extremely good along with her ability to get back to her feet. This proved to be the deciding factor in their fight.  So this leaves us with quite a interesting little love/hate triangle.

Image result for joanna jedrzejczyk  If this plays out the way I think it will, with Jessica Andrade winning the belt.  We might be seeing these 3 unbelievable talented fighters do this dance for a good while. But this will definitely bring out the best in these women. Which in turn gives us fans a great show. Don’t forget to watch this weekend and check back here for my insight , news and everything else combat sports.

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