A conversation with Roy Jones Jr.


Roy Jones Jr. is one of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. Roy earned himself championships in the Middleweight, Super middleweight, Light heavyweight and Heavyweight divisions. With unmatched talent, love for the sport, and a fearless mentality, Roy has separated himself even from some of the greatest boxers of all time. Roy is also a huge advocator for MMA and partners with Island Fights. Island Fights is one of the premiere MMA organizations that put on spectacular fights and is a breeding ground for future UFC fighters. Here is a look inside the mind of one of the greats.


Question 1-  Roy, you have had a remarkable career, is there one fight that was your absolute favorite fight? 
Roy Jones Jr.None were my favorite. Toney, Ruiz, and Griffin 2.
Question 2- Was there ever a dream fight that you wanted to come to fruition but never did? If so, what fight was that? 
Roy Jones Jr. Me vs. Benn, Eubank or Collins.
Question 3- Roy you moved different than everyone, you were two steps ahead of the competition. Everyone looked to you to learn. What is it like watching the evolution of boxing and how much it’s changed, knowing you had a huge part of that growth? 
Roy Jones Jr. Makes me feel really good. Thanks to God for that. A true blessing.
Question 4-  When people think of the All Timers, yourself, Ali, Floyd, Tyson, etc. Where do you personally rank yourself in the All Time list of the best boxers to ever do it? 
Roy Jones Jr.- I rank myself right behind Ali.
Question 5- What got you into the sport of MMA and such a great organization in Island Fights? 
Roy Jones Jr. Loving both sports and loving combat sports.
Question 6- Lastly, what are your thoughts on cross over fights? Obviously Conor McGregor being the most notable one boxing Floyd Mayweather. We’ve seen James Tony in the octagon against Randy Couture.  Are you a fan of the cross over from boxing to MMA or MMA to boxing? 
Roy Jones Jr.–  Yes. I love cross over fights, but we just have to figure ways to make them more competitive.

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