5 Questions with Will Fleury

1. What was it like for you to fight for Bellator MMA in Dublin?

Will Fleury: It was a very satisfying expecting to beat an 8-1 opponent in front of a home crowd.
The atmosphere was special that night. As soon as I walked out and raised up the Tipperary and Irish flag and screamed I got a huge reaction from the crowd and that sent me into a frenzy. I Felt like I was defending what it is to be Irish. It could have been mousisi standing across from me the result would have been exactly the same.

The most satisfying thing is that I’ll get to do that again in September and I know with that crowd behind me I smash anyone the same way. So Bellator get your shit together, get me on the main card and watch me do what I know I can do. it’d blow up.

2. How is the Mix Martial Art scene in Ireland right now?

Will Fleury: It has its issues but on the whole It’s in a pretty good place in comparison to a few years ago. There’s a ton of talent in the country right now even in the time I’ve been involved skill levels have gone through the roof and it’s being reflected in the medals tables at the IMMAF world championships, we came 2nd in the world and we’re a small island nation of 5 million it’s great and With Bellator coming in and signing a lot of the Irish talent up, it’s a solid opportunity for guys to make a legitimate career out of MMA if they have what it takes. So ya overall things are in a good place. We’re taking over bit by bit…

3. How did you get into MMA?

Will Fleury: I Broke my foot playing rugby in New York in 2010 and was told the best thing I could do to rehab it was boxing footwork. Once I saw a cage in my gym I was training in I knew this was something I’d become obsessed with.

4. What’s next for you?

Will Fleury: I’m trying to get on the Bellator London which is June 22nd, I’d like to stay as active as possible this year. I also have a US visa and I’d love to fight over there so hopefully you’ll see me whooping ass again soon!

5. When your in a training camp, what is a normal day for you?

Will Fleury: On the most intense days I will train 3 times a day which would involve an S&C session at 10:30-12 then a pro team mma session from 1-2 then either a BJJ session, some drilling or a pads session in the evening but I wouldn’t train that intensely every day and I take a recovery day every 4th day where I’ll only do light work, get a message and go to the sauna.

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