5 Questions with Vince Morales

1. How did it feel to capture your first UFC victory?

Vince Morales: Felt great, like my career is finally getting started to be honest.

2. What is your thoughts on the UFC Bantamweight Landscape?

Vince Morales: Bantamweight in my eyes is the deepest division. Most the guys in the top 20 could be title holders in the next few years. Everyones highly skilled and comes to fight.

3. How did you get into Mix Martial Arts?

Vince Morales: I used to Wreslte in high school and a couple years after I still felt the competition fire and finally stumbled onto MMA and boxing.

4. By Summer of 2020, Vince Morales will be….?

Vince Morales: By summer of 2020 Vince Morales will have established himself as a threat to the bantamweight champion. Whoever that is.

5. Game of Thrones, Avengers or Walking Dead?

Vince Morales: Game of Thrones, A+ best show ever ?

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