5 Questions with Valentine Woodburn

Val Woodburn

1. How long have you been in MMA?

Woodburn: Started in bar, a friend got me into Breaking Point MMA for four years and now I have spent the last year at Fusion Xcel Performance furthering my development.

2. How does it feel to win again at Combat Night?

Woodburn: Feels great!! Special thanks to Aaron Walker for helping me prepare. Not only is he my roommate but my nutritionist and training partner. Also shout out to my coaches and team Fusion Xcel Performance. Now, I can’t wait to perfect my craft and turn into a pro so I can start making some money

3. How soon will we see you pro?

Woodburn: I am waiting for the right moment, from here I’ll get with my coach Julien Williams and start the grind again to perfection – “ I’m not chasing any belt, I’m bettering on myself”

4. Where do you see yourself going with Combat Night Next?

Woodburn: Not sure what’s next, I can fight again at 185 or defend my 205 Combat Night Championship Belt, but I know I’ll be in there “Hall of Fame” one day paving the way for the Future of MMA.

5. Now that this fight is over what will you do for some fun “you” time?

Woodburn: Cars! I love fixing cars!

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