5 Questions with UFC’s Platinum Mike Perry

1.Are you a hurricane party or evacuation type of guy?

I just would chill at home and look for something to watch on tv with my girl. Playing with the dogs and If it floods I have an upstairs

2. What supplies would you need for either?

Whiskey , some snacks , and some smoke

3. What games/ activities are you currently active in while healing up?

Shadow boxing , jui jitsu

4. Dustin or khabib and how?

I would bet against myself for who I’m rooting for vs who I think would win

5. What is your favorite fan mail?

I like to read the levels of hate and prosperity on the Internet. Try to keep it above the water. Let it breath. Is this a type of fan mail ? An interest in what I have to say ? It could only be small groups but I think some people out there know who I am.

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