5 Questions with Trevin Giles

1. What’s your take on the UFC middleweight division landscape?

Trevin Giles: The middleweight division has the most dangerous guys in it and is the most exciting.

2. Being a undefeated professional fighter, do you think it gives you an advantage over other fighters that have felt loss before?

Trevin Giles: I think it gives me a bit of a mental advantage. Most fighters talk about how they will beat me or “take away my 0” but in the back of their head they know that all others have tried and failed.

3. What’s your thoughts on Zak Cummings your next opponent in May?

Trevin Giles: I think Cummings is a tough guy with a lot of experience and depending on how he shows up on fight night, that may or may not show. When I analyze his fights I don’t see how he could beat me. I respect the fact that it is possible but I just can’t see it.

4. Do you feel you are being overlooked by the media & UFC big wigs?

Trevin Giles: I don’t think I am being over looked because I am new to the UFC and I’m coming off of a long layoff. I think as I continue this streak the hype will grow.

5. Simple by 2020, Trevin “The Problem” Giles will be…?

Trevin Giles: By 2020 I will be referred to as one of the best middleweights, if not the best middleweight. I will be fighting on a main card on a pay-per-view and there will be talk about me fighting the champ.

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