5 Questions with Taylor White

In November of 2012 Dana White announced the UFC signed their first female fighter and her name was Ronda Rousey and the UFC has been looking for the next big thing ever since. Well Taylor White’s nickname happens to be “The Next Big Thing” she is only 19 years old and her ceiling is limitless. There has been other great female fighters in the UFC such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Holly Holm, Cris Cyborg and The Champ Champ Amanda Nunes that continue to carry the torch for female MMA. But, who will be next to takeover the women’s division, I am here to tell you it will be Taylor White. An undefeated amateur fighter who can strike with any human standing in front of her. Taylor is the 115 pound Combat Night Chanpion and will be the first of many. She trains at Pete White Boxing & MMA under her fathers tutelage. Taylor White could be the next groundbreaking superstar in Mix Martial Arts and that’s why she is The Next Big Thing! He are her 5 questions.

1. What part of Mix Martial Arts do you love the most?

Taylor White: My favorite part of MMA is definitely boxing! That’s what I originally started with, then I worked my way to MMA. I remember going to the park with my dad and brother and having one bag hung on a tree and we would train all night at the park. I love to bang and people love to watch!

2. Who has been the biggest influence to you so far in your career?

Taylor White: My biggest influencer in my career so far is definitely my dad. He’s been through so much in his life. Seeing him get up every morning at 5am to go work then going straight the gym after and helping people in and outside of the ring is just beautiful. He goes home every night in pain from his shoulders and knees, but he never stops. He loves everyone in the gym like it’s his own kid. There’s not a lot of coaches out there like that. I’ve never in my life met someone with such a big heart. And I’m not just saying that because he’s my father, but because it’s true. He’d give his shirt off his back for anyone. He’s sacrificed so much just to get me where I am now. I appreciate him more than he’ll know.

3. When you watch great female fighters such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Amanda Nunes and so many more, are you like that was great to watch or she will be my future opponent one day?

Taylor White: When I watch great female fighters I think both. Since I started MMA I’ve been training to prepare myself to fight the best of the best. I never underestimate anyone I fight. It takes serious heart to get into the ring and anyone who does it is a champ in my eyes.

4. If you had one dream fight for you, who, when, where and for what?

Taylor White: I don’t necessarily have a “dream fight” but my goal is to fight in Madison square garden for the UFC gold in the future!

5. What’s next for you?

Taylor White:
Kickboxing March 9th
Boxing March 23
Mma April 7
Is what we’re looking at as of right now! Trying to stay busy and make big moves all 2019 ?

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