5 Questions with Taylor “Killa Bee” Jenkins •Fight Week Edition•

1. How is it for your family on Fight Week?

Killa Bee – Not much difference, I try to keep everything as normal as I can!

2. Is cutting weight the last battle of Fight Week?

Killa Bee – It’s one of the last battles! I usually maintain my weight perfectly. I have it down to a science so it’s not too much stress during fight week.. but I definietly battle my donut cravings!

3. What gets you locked in during fight week?

Killa Bee – What gets me locked in is just all of the excitement leading up to the fight and the experience. I have so much fun doing it and I get locked in as the day draws closer. I just envision nothing but victory. I’m locked in the second I know I have a fight!

4. What is “Killa Bee” favorite thing to watch or listen too of Fight Week?

Killa Bee – I listen to lots of gangster rap and death metal and that just always sets my mood for fight week. I don’t watch much tv or things like that but I love listening to music that gets me HYPE!!

5. Number one pet peeve of yours during Fight Week?

Killa Bee – My biggest pet peeve on fight week is hard to say one exact thing because honestly I have a hairline trigger when it comes to my attitude on fight week. Someone could just breathe wrong and it make me go nuts haha! I can be a real bitch fight week. But probably when people ask “Do you think you’re gonna win?” That sets me off because it’s like uhhh yeah if I didn’t think I was going to win why would I even get in there?

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