5 Questions with Steven Koslow

1. How excited are you to start your professional Mix Martial Arts Career May 4th in Orlando, FL for Combat Night?

Steven Koslow: I’m not going to say I’m excited but I am ready to fight as a professional in the Combat Night cage and start off my pro career. I know I have a tough opponent to welcome me as I step back into the cage but, this is what I do with my life and I am only growing stronger as the days go by. May 4th is no different then any other day I will be prepared to die in combat doing what I love and it will be so beautiful.

2. Have you been keeping your eye on what the UFC is doing to the Flyweight division?

Steven Koslow: Yes and no, I have some people I’m keeping my eyes on but anyone can get the spotlight at anytime as long as you put in the work and prove yourself, hard work and dedication shows.

3. What’s your all time favorite MMA moment?

Steven Koslow: I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say I have just one favorite personal MMA moment but, I intend to make this next fight my best fight and my favorite UFC moment was when Conor McGregor fought Chad Mendes the whole live walkout music idea was awesome and Arron Lewis and mrs O’Connor did amazing jobs!

4. Do you think Florida has the most MMA talent?

Steven Koslow: I haven’t been anywhere else to train other than a few rolls in Alabama but I’ve been all over Florida and there is a ton of talent all over the state from Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa and Miami are major hotbeds I’ve never really been to Tallahassee but the late and great josh samman hales from there so boom!

5. Which fight so far in your career you think has been your best performance?

Steven Koslow: Your only as good as your last performance and I am always improving my strategy and technique as well as strength and speed I have a few good ones that I watch on YouTube but I’m ready to make some highlight reels!

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