5 Questions with Socrates Pierre

1. Are you a fan on how much mix martial arts continues to crossover in mainstream America?

Socrates Pierre: Yes I’m definitely a fan of MMA being crossed over to mainstream media, the more  Publicity the better it is for fights and fight gyms, even the bad publicity is good.

2. What has been your favorite moment in a fight in your professional career?

Socrates Pierre: My all time favorite moment would have to be when I finished my opponent at Island Fights 37 with the famous “Samman Smash” aka Double Fist Punch, what made it so awesome was Josh Samman was ring side to give me the first big high five. R.I.P Sammanimal

A close second would have to be my last fight vs Tyler “The Zombie” Hill at Island Fights 58, even though I lost that fight, it was the most fun I’ve had since 2009 (my pro debut)

3. What are the positives and negatives on taking short notice fights?

Socrates Pierre: I normally don’t take short notice fights at all, but I’m glad I did my last fight. The positive part about it is you don’t have to dread that long 7 plus week fight camp, it’s go go go, the negative part about it is you’re not as  prepared for it like you would love to be.

4. One word description on your fight with Tyler Hill at Island Fights 58?

Socrates Pierre: One word that would describe my fight vs Tyler Hill would have to be. “I LOVE THIS FUCKING SPORT, I WANT MORE” well that’s a few words haha.

5. Socrates Pierre, what’s next for you?

Socrates Pierre: Whats next for me is what ever God has in stores, hopefully it’s a huge contract with a big name promotion, so I can start bringing in them big bucks.

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