5 Questions with Sherrard Blackledge

1. What is your absolute favorite part of the fight game?
Sherrard Blackledge: My favorite part of fighting would be the experiences you encounter, the people, the cultures.. it’s all amazing.

2. Would you rather have your gym be packed or empty and why?
Sherrard Blackledge: I’d prefer a limited amount, no need to have too many hands in the cookie jar.

3. What is something that you use everyday to help maintain your health?
Sherrard Blackledge: I use PharmaExtracts CBD everyday and a few supplements from AndNew nutrition daily!

4. What’s your mindset when you enter the cage?Sherrard Blackledge: Emotionless.. focused, prepared to listen to my coach.

5. July 4th, 2020 Sherrard Blackledge will be….

Sherrard Blackledge: July 4th 2020, Sherrard Blackledge will be a known contender of the light weight division in the UFC.

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