5 Questions with Shelby Koren

1. We know you like to stay active, what’s next for you?

Shelby Koren: Right now I’m planning on fighting May 4th in Orlando for Combat night. 

2. Is the plan in 2019 to go pro?

Shelby Koren: Absolutely not, I want to travel and get out of Florida to fight in other regions first. 

3. What’s your thoughts on the UFC Strawweight division?

Shelby Koren: My thoughts on the strawweight Division are that it is growing very quickly. I see a lot of talent but not the most entertaining at times. I want to bring knockouts and finishes to the division. 

4. What has Combat Night meant to your career so far and what do you think of the direction of the company?

Shelby Koren: Combat Night has been very professional and has invested a lot into my amateur career. I think within this next year they will undoubtably be on UFC fight pass, and take over the southeast. 

5. Why do you think there is a abundance of female MMA talent in the state of Florida?

Shelby Koren: I don’t think there’s one specific reason for the abundance of talent here. There is a lot of talented females circulating through south Florida and central Florida, causing all other women to have to step up their games!

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