5 Questions with Shamara Woods

1. How amped are you for your next boxing match on April 6th for Undisputed Promotions?

Shamara Woods: I am super amped for my fight April 6th with undisputed promotions due to the fact it’s a very tough opponent that we have to get ready for physically and mentally. I believe this opponent will test my skills and be a great match up for me. This will be my 5th time fighting on undisputed  so it’s a really big honor for me to be able to hold onto not one but two belts for so long.  

2. How did you get into the sport of boxing?

Shamara Woods: I got into the sport of boxing at the age of 14 because I fought a lot in school as a teenager and didn’t have any kind of outlet. No other sport  stuck to me until I went to a boxing gym one day to try it out, and completely fell in love with everything about it. I trained every day after school 6 days a week and found something that I could take my aggression out in without getting in trouble. It leased the amount of conflicts I got into during school. 

3. Who has been your toughest boxing match to date?

Shamara Woods: My toughest opponent to date would defiantly be Ariele Davis, a 141 lbs fighter I fought during Sugar Burt while injured. She had all the technique timing and accuracy down like me, she is somebody I would defiantly love to fight again while not suffering from an injury. She actually pushed me to train harder than what I normally do for my upcoming fight April 6th

4. Who is your favorite Boxer or MMA Fighter male or female of all time?

Shamara Woods: I can’t really say I have a favorite Boxer or MMA fighter of all time because all the fighters I do love bring so many different factors to the table, I love Tyson’s power and aggression, I love watching Mayweather play defense and pick apart fighters. I enjoy watching Clarissa Shields fight because she’s so solid accurate in all of her punches. There are so many women fighters I look up to because there may be one or two things I take from each fighter and that’s what makes boxing so special, no fighter has the same exact style 

5. In 2020 Shamara Woods in boxing will be…..?

Shamara Woods: In 2020 there are only two options 1.) Shamara Woods will be boxing for Team USA and competing on a national level or 2.) Shamara Woods will be the most dominate pound for pound Female Pro Boxing Champion. Life takes many directions but those are the only two possible outcomes.

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