5 Questions with Scott Lewis

Scott Lewis has been involved with combat sports his whole life and his love for MMA is unmatched, here are Scott Lewis’s 5 questions!

1. You have been involved in almost every aspect of combat sports, what is your favorite job you have done?

Scott Lewis: 1. I really do love being involved in every aspect of the sport. I have been a cornerman, mitt holder and coach for top MMA fighters in organizations like the UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, WEC and the IFC since 2000, as well as a ring announcer for MMA fight events like Underground CFC, Super Brawl Showdown (telecast on national Pay-Per-View), WFF, Duel For Domination and Rage in the Cage since 2000, and a radio show host since 2010 for my current show Inside Fighting Radio, and previously MMA Fight Radio and The Octagon. I have also been a promoter, matchmaker, manager, training partner, competitor, MMA media from writer to editor to radio, and I was even an agent for MMAagents. My favorite, ultimately, is radio. I enjoy talking about the sport, sharing my knowledge and putting my take on it. I love the camaraderie with my co-hosts and I really enjoy connecting with the people that make this great sport go. 

2. Do you think boxing can overthrow UFC?

Scott Lewis: No way! I grew up on the sport of boxing – guys like Leonard, Duran, Hagler, Hearns and later Tyson, with the understanding that Ali is the greatest of all time. On my show, I’ve had former boxing champions Chris Algieri and Seanie Monaghan (who is from my hometown of Long Beach, New York). I still enjoy a good boxing match but mixed martial arts is by far my favorite combat sport and what I believe to be the one with the brighter future. Now that the UFC, along with the PFL, is on ESPN, the sport of mixed martial arts will only continue to grow. 

3. Who is your all time favorite Mix Martial Artist?

Scott Lewis: Chuck Liddell is my favorite fighter of all time, the best and scariest fighter in the world at one point. With an NCAA wrestling background that he used more defensively to keep himself on his feet, the Iceman would put hands on people (and kicks, if you remember his first knockout of Babalu) and the lights would go out. 

4. How long have you been podcasting and what has been one of your favorite moments from your show?

Scott Lewis: I do a live radio show with Inside Fighting Radio more so than a podcast, though it is available on podcast after the live show through Iheart and Soundcloud. I have been doing radio since 2005 and MMA radio since 2010. My favorite moment from Inside Fighting Radio so far was getting an exclusive interview with TJ Dillashaw on the morning of the day that he won the UFC title, that was pretty cool. 

5. We know you have a big show coming up on March 30th, please promote the show!

Scott Lewis: Yes, “Battlepark” is coming to Florida on March 30th! I negotiated this deal for 2 years and it’s awesome to see it come together. I have teamed with Underground Cage Fighting Championships, the show I am ring announcer for, and the Ballpark of the Palm Beaches and Fit Team Field, the spring training home of the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals to present “Battlepark.” The main event features my best friend and longtime UFC veteran Joe “Diesel” Riggs traveling in from Arizona to fight Oscar Delgado of Miami Beach. We are also holding the first round of the King of the UNDERGROUND tournament. This will be a night of world class professional MMA fights you won’t want to miss!

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