5 Questions with Ryan Quinn

Ryan Quinn a Bellator veteran and instructor at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, Florida. Ryan is one of the most respected men in MMA and passes on his knowledge daily at ATT. Ryan is starting to transition into the commentary game in which he will slay. Ryan Quinn top notch fighter, brilliant teacher of MMA, great on the microphone but, maybe his best quality is he is a New Yor Knicks fan, let’s get Bananas!

American Top Team has been on fire lately, what do you think the reason behind it is?

Ryan Quinn: ATT is always one of the dominant teams in the world, however the recent run I believe is due to the fact that our room is full of world class talent pushing each other for upcoming fights and constantly being in the room to give each other different and proper looks for competition.

What is your take on the UFC Lightweight division?

Ryan Quinn: The UFC lightweight division is kind of a mess haha. The McGregor/Khabib suspensions aren’t helping any. I think my man Dustin Poirier got slighted out of the mix for a title fight or interim bout. But that’s the game.

What is your opinion on what is happening with Colby Covington with the Interim UFC Welterweight Championship?

Ryan Quinn: Colby is another one who got slighted for his chance to unify the title. He fought who they asked him to and won, I don’t see how it isn’t automatic for him to face Tyron next. Why even have an interim bout? But he’ll be ready for his time.

How did you get into commenting and did you like it?

Ryan Quinn: Im a bit of a sports nut. After I’m done fighting I imagine myself as a sportscaster for a major tv station. I went back to school when I was 28 and got my degree in communications focusing on sports media. I felt with my experience with MMA and education it was the perfect starting point and I loved it. It was a lot of fun thinking of past fights tp reference as well as corny one-liners for a cheap pop. Already in the works on getting back cageside for more events soon.

Who is the next champion to come out of American Top Team?

Ryan Quinn: The next champion out of ATT is going to be Dustin Poirier. Not only is he firing off on all cylinders but he never settles on past and recent achievements, he always wants to level up(and does). Honestly it would be good for the sport to have Dustin get his shot. We’re in a funny time where characters and personas seems to be trending as what an MMA Fighter is. Dustin is a humble, hard-working family man who will KNOCK OUT anyone just being himself! He’s a champion everyone can get behind.

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