5 Questions With Roxanne Modafferi

1. What was the moment that got you hooked on Mix Martial Arts?

Roxanne Modafferi: When I watched Aaron Riley versus Robbie Lawler and knew MMA would be the ultimate challenge and test of my skills and courage.

2. Your personal favorite memory inside the octagon.

Roxanne Modafferi: Finishing the fight against Barb Honchak because it was a rematch seven years in the making.

3. Can you talk about the evolution of female MMA?

Roxanne Modafferi: The female fighter’s levels have risen and we are getting the respect we deserve.

4. Which Avenger best describes you?

Roxanne Modafferi: Spider-Man. I’m not naturally gifted but have to work hard, and have real world problems

5. Your favorite costume or fight gear you have own?

Roxanne Modafferi: Kitana from Mortal Kombat was great… I also love my Dragon Ball Z rash guards.

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