5 Questions with Reggie Mack

1. How excited are you for Match 16th for Combat Night Duval?

Reggie Mack: There’s not enough words  to describe the excitement of being able to make your professional debut in your hometown. I’m getting an tremendous amount of support heading into this fight, and I’m just looking to have fun in there. This is what all the last few years of my life have been leading to.

2. With 4 wins in 2018 under the Combat Night umbrella, why do you think you are so successful in the Combatagon?

Reggie Mack: Confidence. Pure confidence! I’ve always had the talent, skills, and potential everyone talks about. But, not having as many years under my belt as some of the other guys it took me a little longer to have the same confidence within my fights as I would inside the gym. Now I’m just unstoppable I have a team and coach that truly believes in me. Big thanks to James Smiley its hard to find a coach who really goes the extra mile and invest in your talents In the amateur ranks. Definitely took me to another level.

3. What’s your thoughts on Robert Gillion?

Reggie Mack: I respect him. He’s a champion, He’s worked his butt off, He’s had Twenty-Five amateur fights. He probably has 3x the experience as me. So just pure respect.. He’s chasing the same dream. So yeah.. No trash talk, just business, I’m taking him very seriously and it’ll show March 16th. It’s my time.

4. With only being 23 years young, do you think that’s a huge advantage going forward for your Mix Martial Artist career?

Reggie Mack: Definitely a huge advantage. This is a sport where guys typically peak around 28-mid 30s. So for young guy to be able to grow and make my mark now is a huge advantage. To be able to have an ammy career make mistakes, have loses, fight the best of the best in FL was great. I’m so young in the game by my in cage experience is so far ahead. I’m not even close to my prime and have been nothing short of dominant this past year. Also, the talent in Jacksonville, Fl is ridiculous. Everyone thinks south florida with MMA.. After March 16th all of Florida will know the best of the best is coming out of Duval right now. We are the future of this sport! No doubt in my mind.

5. Who is your favorite Combat Sports Fighter of all time?

Reggie Mack: Frankie Edgar! Rashad Evans put me on the sport. Frankie Edgar got me hooked. He’s not great in any one particular skill. But he’s the best at putting everything together. And, has tremendous heart. I see a lot of myself in Frankie, no one is putting everything together as fluid as me right now. That’s what’s gotten me to the spot I’m at now. I love every aspect in MMA and put all my tools to use.

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