5 Questions with Ramon Taveras

1. How excited are you for March  16th Combat Night in Duval?

Ramon Taveras: I am overly excited for March 16th, last pro show they did was the best show they had here in Jax so far. I’m sure this one will out do the last one. I’m not only excited that I’m fighting, I’m also excited for the other fighters they have on that card, for example my partner Austen Lane, and many other upcoming Jacksonville fighters. 

2. What has Combat Night meant to your career so far?

Ramon Taveras: Combat Night means a lot to me, they helped build me to the champion I am today. The first and only organization I’ve fought for, they are great people to work with. They give me the fights I need, and always give me tough opponents. The future is bright for Combat Night and I’m more then blessed to be a part of it.

3. What’s your fight style?

Ramon Taveras: My fighting style is more of a pressure, counterpunching boxer if that makes any sense. I started off boxing so I love standing, love putting pressure on my opponents, and trying my best to finish them. If I don’t finish them I like to make em feel as they had no business at all being in that cage with me. I’m comfortable anywhere fights go, and I’m good adjusting in fights. I feel I’m a good all around fighter, and that’s what you need in order to have success in this sport. If you leave it up to me though, we standing and banging until someone goes down. 

4. What’s your all time favorite Mix Martial Arts moment?

Ramon Taveras: My favorite martial arts moment so far will have to be when I first won the Combat Night bantamweight belt. I got the 2nd round T.K.O, along side my partner Austen Lane winning the Combat Night heavyweight belt with his 1st round finish the same night.

5. What’s your goals for 2019?

Ramon Taveras: My goal for 2019 is to defend my title 1 or 2 more times, maybe go up to 145 challenge somebody to become champ champ. Then before the end of the year have my 1st pro fight. The main goal is to turn pro and get my first pro fight before this year ends. Definitely looking forward to 2019 I feel a lot of good things coming my way. Ready to knock down these goals, put on shows for the fans and start paving my way to the UFC. Truly looking forward to 2019!

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