5 Questions with Philip Rowe

We are one week out from Island Fights 53 live in Destin, Florida and broadcast all across the world via UFC Fight Pass. On this stacked card there is a fighter with a ton of buzz around him and it’s Philip “The Fresh Prince” Rowe. Philip was blessed by the Mix Martial Artist Gods, he is long, lean, mean and unbelievably athletic for the welterweight division. The Fresh Prince trains with some of the best coches in the world and trains with straight savages on the daily at Fusion X-Cel Performance in Orlando, Florida. The MMA world is always craving for more superstars and on Wednesday February 6th at Island Fights 53, we might see the beginning of the next welterweight superstar! Here are Philip Rowe’s five questions, let’s get Bananas!

  1. How Excited are you for Island Fights 53 live on UFC Fight Pass?

Philip Rowe: Very excited… first time people nationwide/worldwide will see me . So I’m ready to get a finish.

2. You are on a four fight win streak, what changes did you make in your training?

Philip Rowe: Actually on a five fight win streak…. Julien williams, he’s been the change in my game I needed. Told me flat out what was terrible and what I needed to work on. Been under him for 2.5 years now. We are focused on my weak points and now we’re rollin!

3. What kind of style of fighter would you say you are?

Philip Rowe: I mostly train grappling/Jiu Jitsu but I like to strike. I usually fight in small cages and haven’t been able to showcase much standup. Usually I finish the fight on the ground. If I’d have to say where I’m 100% most comfortable it’s on the ground.

4. What’s your 2019 Goals?

Philip Rowe: 3 more wins, Continue my winning streak to 8-2.

5. What’s your all time favorite Mix Martial Art Moment?

Philip Rowe: Renzo Gracie choking out Pat Miletich.

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