5 Questions with PFL Fighter Morgan Frier

1. How do you feel to fight Sara Kaufman this Thursday night on ESPN 2?

Morgan Frier: I couldn’t ask for a better match up. She’s experienced and well known that’s a good fight for me.

2. Everyone in the mix martial art industry has nothing but great things to say about PFL, how has your interactions been so far?

Morgan Frier: Everyone working with/for PFL have been awesome, very friendly, good guidance, great attitudes.

3. Who is your all time favorite mix martial artist?

Morgan Frier: Holly Holm I would have to say is my number one favorite mixed martial artist of all time. She’s amazing in most of everything she does, Quite the bad ass!

4. When you win the PFL season, what’s your first purchase?

Morgan Frier: Man I’m not thinking about that far ahead! One fight at a time, but when it gets there my first purchase will be a vacation!

5. What can MMA fans except from you thursday night vs. Sara Kaufman?

Morgan Frier: People can expect a great fight, definitely a lot of action.

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