5 Questions with Pete White

Michael Jordan and Tom Brady have won six championships in their brilliant careers with a multiple of different teammates, the one and only one constant is their head coach. In the MMA & boxing game one of the best coaches in America is Pete White. Pete is the head coach of Pete White MMA & Boxing in Port Orange, Florida and lately his team has been on fire! With emerging superstars Michael Davis, Chris Mixan, Anderson Hutchinson and daughter Taylor White, Pete grinds daily to make the future for his team ultra bright! Let’s get started with Pete White’s five questions.

  1. What is one of your secrets to success for Pete White Boxing & MMA?

Pete White: My team and our focus. Where 99% of gyms are focused on money and making a living off this industry we focus on fighters and fighting. Most gyms don’t survive on fighters. They need the after school programs and cardio boxing classes etc… well there’s 10 schools around me focusing on that and none are producing competitive fighters simply because they are trying to live off their schools. I never had an interest in that pet. We concentrate on fighting and winning those fights. I’ve been told for years that our gym will never survive…well, lol! We all work regular jobs and out most of free time in to our fighters because it’s our passion. We have more private lessons that help us financially with extra money but if you’re trying to make living at this it takes all your focus away from the competition side.

2. As a boxing guy, do you like the new relationships that Dana White has with boxing?

Pete White: I love Dana expanding into boxing. Most people don’t know or understand the business side and those that do no it’s a horrible business. Boxing is my love, when it’s done right, but it’s a difficult thing to be a part of in the professional side. With the UFC involved they are opening so many more opportunities to up and coming fighters which we need drastically. Dana and Roy Jones Jr. are close and now there is 20 some odd shows added to the UFC Fight Pass app this year alone. 5 fights a card, that’s 10 fighters over I believe 27 shows that’s 270 fighters. I like that.

3. What is one quality that all MMA champions must have?

Pete White: To be a world champion you have to be willing to sacrifice. Fighters coming from nothing are hungry to work as hard as possible to get to the top and earn that money, to chase a dream no one sees but them and in order to do that you have to sacrifice everything else. Most think they’re sacrifice but don’t have a clue. Sacrificing money, time, sleep, but most of all relationships. That’s one that gets them all. Girls/ guys side track them and the training goes half ass, the diets go out the windows etc. They become happy and in love and then they are comfortable and training and all that comes with it becomes secondary and then it’s over. It happens all the time and the denial is the biggest thing. We all go through it. Then they split up after a few years and try to get back at it and a few years in a fighters life is a career to most. So they definitely have to be ready to sacrifice everything to chase a dream.

4. What’s coming on the horizon for PWBMMA fighters?

Pete White: I am blessed to have quite a few very talented fighters. We are not in Orlando, LA, New York or any other major city with a huge population and I am ok with that. I don’t need ALL the fighters I just need the right ones and we have the right ones. Michael Davis…waiting on the Ufc for our first fight in there. Anderson Hutchinson I will be looking for a fight for him soon. He’s been dealing with his personal life and is in a good place now so hopefully he will be committed to training and we fight whom ever at 145. Taylor White, I am having difficulty finding her fights here in Florida and I’m working on other things for her and don’t want to say to much but stay tuned. Chris Mixan as long as he remains health we will continue to finish out this year with a mixture of Mma and boxing and if all is right I will turn him pro next year. He has a huge career ahead of him. We have several others coming up in our Mma side. Boxing we have Kenmon Evans and hopefully will be getting him back on track. He was shot in an attempted robbery and is recovering. We have an abundance of talented amateur fighters up and coming and we will keep them all busy as possible with USA boxing as well as our kick boxers. Life is good for our team right now. Everyone doing well. ????

5. If you can pick one Dream matchup in boxing or mix martial arts, what would it be?

Pete White: Peak prime for both fighters. Ali vs Tyson. Only fight I would have love to have seen. Two completely different styles and amazing talent. And no I wont say who I pick. ?

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