5 Questions with Naomie Young

Fighting out of Darkwolf MMA , the straw-weight Naomie Young is currently on the road to her first MMA competition. After competing in Jui-jitsu and coming off a 3-0 amateur kickboxing career, Naomie has already made a statement by ending her last fight with a 3rd round TKO via punches at Combat Night 110 in Orlando,Fl.
Question 1 ?
How long have you been competing in Martial Arts?
I started my martial arts career with Jiu-jitsu tournaments and kickboxing fights. Getting my feet wet before taking my first MMA fight. I will be making my MMA debut for World Class Fight League (WCFL) in Tampa, FL on October 5th, 2019.
Question 2?
Congratulations on your most recent Victory at Combat Night 110, what’s does this victory mean to you and how did you celebrate ?
This Victory is something I’ll never forget! One for the books.My first belt. My first 5 round title championship and my first finish TKO in the 3rd round. I celebrated by going home and spending sometime with my fiance and best friend. Then getting in my glorious bed and going to sleep. I love to chill after fights.
Question 3?
What’s your favorite food or treat that you have after a fight?
It changes every time ! It’s whatever I’m craving or thinking about in the moment. This time around I just wanted cantaloupe.
Question 4?
What’s next for you ? And how soon do you want to fight?(Competition wise)
October 5th! Ready to make my statement! My MMA debut for the WCFL.
Question 5?
What’s something you want your fans to know?
I love kickboxing and I am a kickboxing champion but you’ll be surprised by this girls ground game. Just wait on it! 😉
Naomie Young wins her 1st Combat Night Belt

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