5 Questions with Miranda Kay Barber

Miranda Kay Barber is a breakthrough female fighter coming out of state of Florida. Miranda “She Hulk” is going to continue the tradition of tremendous female Mix Martial Art talent flowing from the Sunshine State. Already fighting for some of the biggest promotions in the state she will keep her momentum going untill she gets into Invicta FC and then the UFC. The 24 year old has stopped her opponents via strikes and submission, so she is a well rounded mixed martial artist. Let’s ask She Hulk her 5 questions and get bananas!

1, With being at the Florida MMA Award show last night and seeing all the top end female fighters, does it motivate you to train even harder?

Miranda Barber: Of course it motivates me! Females are only evolving in this game. I feel like in South Florida we have the best of the best down here. And there’s a reason I was in that room last night. I am one of the hardest working female fighters in the game right now.

2. How did you feel you performed in your first professional fight with Combat Night?

Miranda Barber: My pro debut with combat night was a tough fight versus a very talented judo black belt. I had to play smart and pick her apart. Definitely wasn’t my best performance and I have a lot to showcase coming up but we did what we had to do and got the W!

3. Are you excited to see other promotions like PFL getting a mega TV deal with ESPN?

Miranda Barber: Seeing other promotions getting seen on ESPN such as PFL really just shows you where this sport is going. For female fighters like myself, this is another breakthrough for us. Another way to put ourselves out there on the map and get a great following. Super excited to see what door that will open for the future.

4. Who are some fighters that got you into Mix Martial Arts?

Miranda Barber: I got into martial arts through boxing as a kid I was always an aggressive athlete and played a lot of sports. Being super competitive I had been drawn into the fight world and fell in love with it. My head coaches Fred Moncaio and Joao Moncaio helped me make that transition from a boxer to a full mixed martial artist. I have been with the same team for 5 years now and Moncaio Brothers BJJ in Fort Lauderdale is my home. My whole career so far has been with them and I’ll take loyalty over a corporate gym any day of the week.

5. What’s next for you?

Miranda Barber: I have a bright future in the sport I have believed it since my first amateur fight I always knew I was going to be a champion. I have my next pro fight with XFN March 16th in Fort Lauderdale and this is going to be a statement fight. I know I have what it takes to compete with the best and I am going to show everyone in that audience that as well. I will stay humble through this grind because not many have the stamina to keep going and climbing that ladder. That’s what it takes to be a Champion.

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