5 Questions with Mike “Beast Boy” Davis

Mike Davis was born in New York 26 years ago and now he is living in Orlando, FL and his dream is about to become an reality. Mike might be the number one fighter not signend by a major organization but, after a TKO in the Main Event of Island Fights 51 that is about to change. Here is Mike “Beast Boy” Davis Raw & Uncut with his 5 Questions!

Being one of the best fighters in the world that is unsigned by the UFC, have you enjoyed the process or are you itching to be under the UFC banner?

Beast Boy: No…no I have not enjoyed this process at all.
Man, I didn’t even think this was something I wanted to do but then I kept winning and then I saw the ufc stars living good lives. Anthony Petis bought his mom a house. Then I knew I could save my own family with this. But since then, I get put on hold, no one will fight me, I wasted so much time going 6 months in between fights and sometimes it even goes a year!
Now they’ve finally given me some attention after 3 years as a pro I’m STILL NOT IN THAT CAGE. I’m still fighting for pennies begging for help from sponsors just so I can afford to a week off of work, afford to cover my traveling expenses. I don’t know what fighter says it’s enjoyable, Because until you make it to the ufc or bellator or oneFC- you make pennies. I can’t help anyone with pennies. But I guess I do like punching peoples faces, So its not all bad … But I’m ready to do this as a full living!!

What did you think of the Henry Cejudo vs TJ Dillashaw Fight?

Beast Boy: Henry Cejudo vs TJ Dillashaw Not the outcome anyone wanted. Dana white himself didn’t like the stoppage. I’m going to be honest, I believe it’s because Dana wants that 125 division wiped out completely. There also would have been a major money fight with TJ and Max and that would have given TJ the opportunity for the first ever 3 belt champion(wow!) But it fell short and now everyone is pissed. Henry is a top notch fighter in ever form. He dropped TJ, 3 times in 15 seconds-He was done. He tried to get up and just could not. I thought that was a great call, and I also had Henry picked for the win. So bravo.

What has Island Fights meant to your career?

Beast Boy: Island fights were are the ones that gave me my ladder. Dean Toole gave me quality fights very often when no one else could. Dean goes through papers front and back of possible opponents that deny a fights with me for whatever reason. Even said they post for me everywhere and people act high and mighty, stating they’ll fight anyone and then when dean sends them my name, they ghost him. But still, he tries and tries and tries, that’s why island fights should be recognized as the number one organization outside of the UFC. Above and beyond it all to get the fighters fights. Not to mention every fight card is STACKED!!

With the UFC Lightweight division being murders row, are you excited to join the field or would you think about losing or gaining 10 pounds?

Beast Boy: I dont want to be a part of the lightweights. I walk around at 165-168 MAX and they walk around damn near 200lbs. Im not willing to be the small guy when I can make featherweight with no problems now. I need 2 good, focused weeks and I can make 145 from where I am. So, I think I am going to enter in and stay a featherweight in the UFC, 20 lbs is a nothing cut. HOWEVER, if theres a 155er who wants his face punched, I don’t mind stepping in to deliver.

What is your absolute dream fight? Where, who & for what?

Beast Boy: My dream fight would probably be against Conor McGregor. He has a huge following for himself but I don’t feel like he is everything they believe his is. I feel like his pressure would crumble under my own. I know I am better and if I got the oppurnity to show it, The world would see that I’m not just some kid on the rise – I AM THE HYPE.

I am blown away my Mike Davis character, honesty, his grit, talent & his taste in movies, this interview has definitely been Bananas!!

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