5 Questions with Marcel Stamps

Marcel “Swift” Stamps is a 33 year old professional fighter who is ready to stamp his spot in mix martial arts. Marcel was an Alabama football player, who is transitioning into MMA and has absolutely the athleticism and now is gaining the techniques he needs to become a world champ. Marcel Stamps is 2-0 as a professional with 2 knockouts and is bringing his exciting skills to Island Fights 53 on UFC Fight Pass. Marcel is the continuation of great athletes like Greg Hardy, Eric Andrews and Brock Lesnar to make the switch into Mix Martial Arts. Let’s get Bananas and ask Marcel Stamps his 5 questions.

  1. What got you into mix martial arts?
  1. Marcel Stamps: Playing sports at a high level. I played in Canada a couple years I realize I was not going to make it to my ultimate goal of nfl and I still wanted to perform at high level with something. I saw eryk Andre poster for strikehard production in a local store in Tuscaloosa when I was doing more schooling. He was undefeated and demolishing people. I knew the type of athlete eryk was so I was like man if he undefeated I will run through some people also. He invited me to train and try it out rest is history
  2. How excited are you to fight in the co main event at Island Fights 53 on UFC Fight Pass? Marcel Stamps: As far as fighting co main event for ufc fight pass I don’t really care it’s just Another fight to me I don’t train any different. If you didn’t know I played and started for one the biggest sports programs in history. I don’t need much to get my blood boiling. Playing in front of 100,000 and millions on tv was something I done in college so that doesn’t excite me anymore. Knocking mother fuckers out do now. I get chills thinking about pushing someone face to the back of their head. 3. What is your first MMA Memory? Marcel Stamps: My first Mma memory besides getting my first knock out was frank tate fighting chase Sherman in Mississippi. Chase Sherman kicked frank so many time I thought they would have to reconstruct his leg I was like dang this is what fighting about. 4. What’s your goals for 2019? Marcel Stamps: My goals for 2019 if not in ufc or bellator make myself the most feared 185ers outside of those two fighting wise. I would like to fight for a couple title don’t really care for who I just want scrap and take some belts. Hoping to fight 4 to 6 times MMA wise and maybe 3 barekuckle. I also plan to do 3-6 jujitsu tournaments and hopefully win worlds with nogi end of year in California. 5. Will the University of Alabama Football team win the 2019 National Championship? Marcel Stamps: As far as bama winning national championship of course look at the track record. Now is Definitely due time and if I was a betting man I’d take my odds with nick saban. And I’d double down on that lol. Follow Marcel Stamps on Instagram @marcel_stamps_mma

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