5 Questions with Lucie Bertaud

1. How excited are you for Titan FC 54?

Lucie Bertaud: I feel blessed and grateful to have this opportunity. A lot of french people came to the USA and would never got any fights.

2. What do you think about your opponent Jessica Borga?

Lucie Bertaud: My opponent has recently changed, I have a tougher one now I guess, Jessica Borga. I think she is agressive and experienced.

3. Who is your favorite Mix Martial Artist?

Lucie Bertaud: Amanda Nunes & Valentina Shevchenko.

4. Are you amped for your first professional fight in America?

Lucie Bertaud: An announcement has been made last week that MMA will be legalized soon in my country, it is a good news, I hope I will be an ambassador.

5. What is the thing you miss most about France?

Lucie Bertaud: My family, my friends, and my dream job (i was journalist in my country) it is very difficult to be far from them. But to have an exceptional life you need to make exceptional decisions… and to act to make the dream come true…as MMA Is prohibited in my country. I sacrificed everything and jumped in this new life and we are the creator of our reality, this is my creation. I don’t know if I will be able to stay here, but at least I did everything I could …

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