5 Questions with Kat Nelson

1. Your favorite Mixed Martial Arts technique?

Kat Nelson: Spinning back fist haha

2. What does Fusion X-Cel mean to you & your career?

Kat Nelson: Fusion X-Cel has created the fighter I am today. I have progressed drastically due to the level of training I get. I train with high level, elite and professional athletes that I get to call my war brothers. Fusion X-Cel is my second home and training under Julien Williams will continue guide me to greatness.


3. How vital is marijuana & cbd to you for your career?

Kat Nelson: I use marijuana and cbd everyday. The most natural and beautiful way to recover from aches and pains. Not just physically but mentally as well.

4. Your go to game right now!?!

Kat Nelson: I would have to go with call of duty


5. Kat, would you want to be a role model to the next generation..?

Kat Nelson: I feel like I’m already a role model to the next generation. Even before my fight career, I have always tried to spread positivity and truth, and encourage change. Now that I’m in the fight scene a lot of people I don’t even know follow and/or look up to me, and I have a bigger platform to express myself. I know it influences and inspires others. Everyone is unique in their own way, be yourself, be authentic, be real. Say yes when you want something and no when you don’t. It’s your life and no one else’s.

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