5 Questions with Justin “Smooth” Robinson

1. Has it been hard to not fight during this global pandemic?

Justin Robinson: yes, it’s always good to have something to look forward to and to build to. So without a fight it forces you to be discipline and put the work in without anything to look forward too..


2. What UFC fighter do you use a lot of there traits in the octagon?

Justin Robinson: Well it’s a combination of guys, like the leg kicks and counter striking of Alexander Volkanovski and the control and dominance on the ground of Khabib Nurmagomedov.


3. What fight have you watch the most?

Justin Robinson: hmmm that’s a tough one because I watch fights all the time. But I’ll give you two of my favorite fights that I watch over and over again :
Jose Aldo vs Chad mendes 2
Max Holloway vs Dustin Poitier 2

4. Your go to foods during weight cut week?

Justin Robinson: haha during fight week, I’m chewing a lot of gum and eating a lot of Spinach ( would really say I have a go to during weight cut , because I’m not eating much lol)


5. In 2023, Smooth Robinson will be…?

Justin Robinson: In 2023, I’ll be circling the ufc getting ready to make my debut if I haven’t already

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