5 Questions with Julien Williams

In Mix Martial Arts, young fighters need to surround themselves with great people who can teach them techniques and teach them the mental side of MMA and there is no one better than Julien Williams. Julien a fighter, coach and owner of Fusion X-Cel Performance in Central Florida has knowledge past his years. He has a BJJ black black under the great Paul Rodriguez. Julien works with some of the greatest talent in the sport and the future for him and his gym is limitless! Let’s get bananas and ask the Black Belt Julien Williams 5 questions!

  1. What is a better feeling winning a fight via coach or fighter?

Julien Williams: By far winning as a fighter cannot be compared to anything else. The tougher the fight, the stronger rush you get from victory. As a coach Perry vs Roberts and Jacare vs Weidman were pretty great rushes of winning.

2. Does it bother you that someone you beat Jared Gordon is fighting under the UFC umbrella?

Julien Williams: I’m happy for any fighter that makes it to the higher stages and gets a decent pay day. 80 percent of MMA professionals are good dudes and deserve it.

3. What’s your opinion on the state of the UFC welterweight division?

Julien Williams: The UFC and welterweight division in Bellator are monstrous. So many great fighters and different type of athletes. Bellator #1 to #10 is insane and almost every welterweight except for a few are exceptional fighters. Woodley will hold the crown until his body gives up.

4. How excited are you for Philip Rowe’s next fight at Island Fights 53?

Julien Williams: Always excited for any of the fresh prince’s fights. His charisma inside and outside the cage is compared to none. I see him spar with top tier fighters all the time and he is right up there in many aspects. It’s just time for him to get the wins and continue his streak.

5. Fusion X-Cel Performance is a world class gym, with monsters training daily. What’s one of the secrets to gyms success?

Julien Williams: I have had so many fighters come and go that I thought were gonna be good that ended up quitting or not succeeding. It took one successful fighter to streamline others. The secret is to give your fighters personal attention and keep the communication line open. Make sure the training is serious but fun at the same time. My next wave of guys coming will all be top tier guy.

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