5 Questions With JULIEN WILLIAMS

Julien “j-smoove” Williams, pro fighter and coach at Fusion X-cel Performance, is currently in fighter mode and can be seen this Saturday Sept.14 in Kansas fighting for Never Surrender MMA against UFC and Bellator Vet Jake “the librarian” Lindsey.  Before he left Orlando for the bout, J-Smoove went Bananas and answered some questions for us:

1. With it being fight week, how do you manage the adversity of being the Head Coach at Fusion X-cel Performance and a pro fighter with a record of 11-1?
It is extremely hard and I don’t like to take time away from any of my fighters but you have to be selfish when fighting. If I was not a full time mma as well coach I would probably have triple the amount of fights.
2. What are the differences in relaxation techniques when having the opportunity to be the fighter vs the coach on fight day?
The anxiety and nerves are insane when you have a fight personally. Real hard to describe in words! But I relax with familiar settings like music, anime etc. you have to keep positive thoughts the whole time. As a coach it depends on the level of the opponent. The more relaxed my fighter is then I’m the same!
3. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?
That’s real hard to pick. But it’s between Jubei from ninja scroll. One of the first anime films I have seen and one of the sickest main characters. And Bruce Lee Roy from the Last Dragon. That brutha is still an inspiration to me.
4. What message would you have for someone who has never had the opportunity to see you fight?
If you have never seen me fight then you definitely want to check me out. I’m a mix of Kung fu, wrestling, boxing, karate and bjj.
5. What is your favorite recipe that includes bananas? #howdoyoubanana
Sliced banana with peanut butter and a drizzle of honey on toasted bread!
Victory is Sweet
Julien Williams

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