5 Questions with John Gunther

1. How was it to fight on the UFC Anniversary show?

John Gunther: It didn’t go well. LOL I was an idiot and did everything we worked on not doing very quickly, also the haircut choice was a huge strategic error. We knew Davi likes to take the back. that’s his favorite position. Meanwhile, the mullet, while business in the front, is partying in the back. People aren’t paying attention when they’re partying. Everyone knows how easy it is to choke people at parties. After choking out four or five it’s not even fun anymore.

2. Lightweight is such a staked division, have you ever thought about losing 10 or gaining 15 to welterweight?

John Gunther: That’s what I like about light weights, it’s the most competitive division. I’d move up for a short notice fight but honestly having to make 55 periodically is the only thing that keeps me from walking around at 300 lbs.

3. Are you still training out of Strong Style in Ohio?

John Gunther: Yes.

4. What’s next for you?

John Gunther: I tore my ACL my last fight. Got it rebuilt so I’ve just been rehabbing that. In a couple days I’m heading out to shear alpacas for 3 months then I’ll figure stuff out.

5. The real question everyone wants to know… how is the mustache on this fine day?

John Gunther: The mustache is as pathetic as always. I think genetically facial hair is just not my forte. But I play the long game. People have to make choices in life. You can either have a mustache or a girlfriend. People think they can have both. They’re wrong! She may tolerate it for a while, but the mustache always loses that battle. It always ends the same. Cut off in the prime of life, defeated and scattered about the floor. so, while most people can grow a better mustache, my mustache always wins in the long run just by existing

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