5 Questions with Joe “The Party” Penafiel

1. What was your first memory ever of Mix Martial Arts?

The Party: My first memory of mixed martial arts is the first few UFC Tournament ppvs which included Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Dan Severn, DonFrye, Tank Abott and etc. These names stood out to me back in the day on my illegal cable box from the 90’s. Sidenote:Thanks Dad!

2. As a Flyweight are you worried at all with the UFC maybe getting out of the Flyweight business?

The Party: The whole flyweight situation is shitty but thats how it goes when you’re a smaller fighter. The general public and some of the these promotions treat lighter fighters with less pay and and less respect. They don’t understand how hard it is to actually compete in a lower weight class where everyone can wrestle, strike or do bjj without thinking about it. On top of that the athleticism and cardio it takes to keep up with us would break some people in half on the regular. It comes with the little guy territory. It’s my job to try to make  myself must see tv and entertain the crowd with an awesome display of some sick martial arts. Thats my plan. As far as UFC they can do what they want but us smaller dudes will still be out here making a name of ourselves.

3. How did you get the nickname the “Party”?

The Party: I got the Party nickname basically through the lifestyle I was living in my 20’s. It involved lots of Partying and it landed me in some trouble for a bit. I’m still slowly maturing a day at a time but now I use the Party monicker to shine light into my life. I’m happy being alive and even happier training and sparring with my teammates. This is the Party, always happy, always ready for war and a cold beer afterwards.

4. In 2020 where are you in your MMA Career?

The Party: In 2020 I’ll be 6-0 in mma and waiting for some more wars, smiling on the way to the gym blasting music eating some Publix sushi after in the parking lot.

5. What’s next for you?

The Party: 5. I have a fight for Vigilante Promotions 4/20 in Tampa and I’ll be returning home May 4th in Orlando for Combat Night. Party Time!!

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