5 Questions with Jeremiah McDougall

1. Since turning pro, you have been Locked Inn what has changed in your game?

Jeremiah McDougall: For me since turning pro not really much has changed in my game as far as how I prepare mentally and physically for fights, I was an amateur for 5 years and had 15 fights during that time so I’m pretty comfortable in the cage. But definitely preparing for higher level competition has pushed me to tighten up a lot of holes in my game and train in uncomfortable situations with top guys to be prepared for anything to come. 

2. Welterweights since GSP to the UFC Champ Usman has been some of the greatest UFC fighters, what’s your thoughts on the UFC Welterweights?

Jeremiah McDougall: In my opinion the UFC welterweight division is among the most competitive and exciting divisions out there, and it’s filled with nothing but killers that bring a huge variety of skills that make for exciting matchups. And now with Usman dominating his way to a title win, Ben Askren winning his debut, Colby Covington acting like a clown 24/7 putting on his act, and Masvidal knocking Till out cold, the possibilities on the fights to come are super thrilling.

3. What is your fight style?

Jeremiah McDougall: My fight style base is striking but as basic as it sounds it’s also doing whatever it takes to win. I’ve never thought of myself as an elite striker, grappler, or wrestler but I like to mix it all up and be ready to win the fight wherever and however I need to.

4. By 2020 J-Mac will be….

Jeremiah McDougall: By 2020 J-Mac will be signed to a big promotion and fighting full time as a professional. Doesn’t matter what promotion, all I know is that this is the only thing I’m good at and love doing and if I can do it and provide for myself and my future family I’m happy fighting anywhere and building my legacy.

5. What’s next for you?

Jeremiah McDougall: May 4th is the next date and the force is strong with this one, Combat Night Live in Orlando, Fl I’ll be representing Fusion X-Cel and ATT Longwood and I’ll be looking to put on a show and run through who ever is in front of me in front of a sold out crowd!

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