5 Questions with James “Free” Freeman

James Freeman has been a professional fighter for ten years and on February 7th he fights Brok Weaver in the main event of Island Fights 52. James Freeman outside the ring is one of the nicest guys will you ever meet but, don’t get it twisted when he enters that ring he becomes a straight killer. Make sure you tune in to UFC Fight Pass on February 7th for the biggest fight of his career, but let’s get started with his 5 Questions.

Being in the main event on Island Fights 52 vs Brok Weaver, what can the fans expect?

James Freeman: They Can Expect Fight of the Year, Action Packed Fight.

You have always looked in great shape but lately you look like you are not skipping any gym days, have you changed anything recently in your gym habits?

James Freeman: I have always Been a Hard Worker But The Key To Being A Better Professional Is Consistency. In My Career I have Been Paying For My Camps, So In The Past My Camps Have Fell Apart Especially in The Last Couple Of Weeks Before The Fight. It’s Kind Of Hard To Explain In Writing..

What is your thoughts on the positive growth to the fight organization Island Fights?

James Freeman: It’s A Great Thing To See Where Island Fights Is Going And The Future Is Bright And I am Apart Of This Organization 4 Life.

Are you now officially a welterweight now & going forward?

James Freeman: Yes I’m A Welterweight From Here On, I am An Older Fighter And My Body Is Telling Me I Can’t Cut All That Weight And It’s Not Healthy For Me.

Who will win Super Bowl 53?

James Freeman: Tom Brady And Gang ????

Can’t wait to watch James’s “Free” Freeman in the Main Event of Island Fights 52, It is going to be Bananas!!

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