5 Questions with Jared “Flash” Gordon

Jared “Flash” Gordon is a UFC Lightweight Fighter but, his life means a lot more than just fighting. Jared is a recovering addict who says his life mission to help one person day by day. The 30 year old Lightweight trains at Roufus Sport Academy with some of the greatest fighters in the world. Flash can’t wait to back into the octagon and show off his skills, so let’s get bananas and ask Jared Gordon his 5 questions!

  1. How important to you is UFC’s new PSA about raising awareness to the Opioid Epidemic?

Jared Gordon: It is very important as my whole purpose in life is to help other people who suffered like I did with addiction.

2. The UFC Lightweight division is the best division at any time in the organizations history, have you considered moving up or down to Featherweight?

Jared Gordon: 155 is my home. I was at 145lbs but the cut was to much.

3. With a lot of action lately, how was Roufus Sports Academy been lately?

Jared Gordon: Roufusport has been great. As with every gym we have ups and downs but its a perfect fit for me and I love it.

4. Mets or Yankees and Jets or Giants?

Jared Gordon; Yankees/Giants duhhh

5. What’s next for you?

Jared Gordon: I think june 8th in Chicago is the next date for me.

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