5 Questions with James Bochnovic

1. What’s your origin story on how you became a mix martial artist?

James Bochnovic: I just finished my collegiate football career and was tired of just lifting weights without any goal. A friend told me to come and try Brazilian jiu jitsu at RothwellMMA. After my first day trying BJJ and the striking class I was hooked. The week after I was invited to fight team where Ben Rothwell tested my toughness by taking me down, spinning north/south, bringing his glove to the ceiling and unloading a devastating shot straight to my liver. After barely finishing the next few rounds I went home with the biggest smile on my face. “This was for me” I thought, My smile only deterred slightly after finding my urine had blood in it from the liver shot. Essentially from that day I never left the gym. Took my first fight about a year later. Been doing it even since.

2. What is your favorite gym story?

James Bochnovic: My favorite gym story is the one about Ben Rothwell smashing my liver. And how over the years that’s now a test for new people who join the team. First day you train at our gym your gunna get hit in the liver and see how you respond. You crumble and quit, don’t come back. You get back up and keep fighting, you have a home here.

3. What do you believe is the number one skill set or trait to become a champion mix martial artist?

James Bochnovic: The number one thing you need in order to be a champion is not talent. It’s skill. Skills are something you work for, talent is god given. Talent can only go so far, skills and be worked and trained consistently. There is no peak for a skill, it can keep getting better and better. Someone who knows hard work and diligence will build skills that you can use to surpass any amount of talent are the people who become the best.

4. Would you be in favor of a mix martial arts scoreboard, where the you saw who won each round?

James Bochnovic: A scoreboard would be cool, but I think it’s more important that we have more than 3 judges watching the fight. 5 or even 7 would be better.

5. What does 2020 hold for James Bochnovic?

James Bochnovic: 2020 holds a new prospect in the welterweight division. #welterboch is coming.

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