5 Questions with Jacob Kilburn

1. What do you think is the most important mix martial art technique and why?

Jacob Kilburn: That’s a tricky question. One single technique? I’d have to say whatever technique wins the fight! 

2. Will we be seeing you fight on Island Fights again?

Jacob Kilburn: Yes 100% I’ve been dealing with back to back injuries. But I hope to start a training camp soon, and I would absolutely love to return at Island fights for my next fight.

3. How was it fighting on Dana White Contender Series?

Jacob Kilburn: Fighting on the Contender Series was a little weird, but such a good experience that I needed. I thrive off the crowd and energy and there was literally 50 people there watching, so that was a first. I had a world class opponent who is soon going to be 2-0 in the UFC, so no shame. 

4. Are you 100% Locked Inn into the Featherweight Division?

Jacob Kilburn: No way! I’m locked into the money weight division! I’d like to make the drop to 135 but i need to do a test cut first. With a proper camp, I feel good against anyone. 

5. What is your favorite part of being a professional fighter?

Jacob Kilburn: My favorite part is honestly recognition that you get from people for the hard work. It feels good to be accomplishing my dreams and to have others notice!

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