5 Questions with Felicia Spencer

Felicia Spencer fighting out of Orlando, FL training daily at The Jungle MMA & Fitness on Colonial Drive in Orlando. She captured the Invicta FC Featherweight Championship in November of 2018. Teacher by day, bad ass MMA Fighter by night. Felicia is one of the best female fighters in the world, but maybe more important she is becoming a role model to so many young girls.

5 Questions:

How was your holidays? 

Felicia Spencer: Busy, but ready to get back to work!

How does it fell to be Invicta FC featherweight world champion?

Felicia Spencer: Not much has change, It feels great to bring the title back for my team.

Do you think your next fight is in Invicta Fc or the UFC?

Felicia Spencer: Not sure, considering all my options, could be in Invicta FC, UFC or even the PFL.

What was your take on the Amanda Nunes/Cyborg Fight?

Felicia Spencer: Unexpected!!!

With you & Amanda both being featherweight champions, do you see her as a possible future matchup for you?

Felicia Spencer: Yes I do, I see a potential fight for a lot of different girls in my weight division or close to my weight division..

Thank you Felicia Spencer, you can follow her on Instagram at @feenom479

Stay Tuned fight fans, this sport is Bananas!

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