5 Questions with Eric “Showtime” Shelton

Eric Showtime Shelton is ready to breakout in 2019 and it starts March 23rd in Nashville, Tennessee on UFC on ESPN+6 vs Jordan Espinosa. Fight Bananas was lucky enough to see American Top Team’s sparring session and Eric looks locked in and ready to streak through the UFC flyweight division. The mission for Eric Shelton in 2019 is to win multiple fights and be the best dad he can be and they go hand in hand. Showtime knows what he is fighting for and that’s makes him a dangerous flyweight so let’s ask Eric Shelton his 5 questions!

1. Who excited are you for your next fight March 23 UFC on ESPN+6 in Nashville Tennessee?

Showtime: I feel this fight will put me in the top 10 and allow me to make my run for the title, so excited is a understatement!!

2. What’s your take on Henry Cejudo wanting to fight for TJ Dillashaw for the Bantamweight Championship?

Showtime: I believe that fight should be left alone and both guys should defend the titles against top competitors in their own division. 

3. We saw you sparing at American Top Team and what a collection of top end Mix Martial Art talent their, how do you think your game has evolved since being apart of ATT?

Showtime: I feel all the tools I’ve had are finally starting to come together with the coaches and training partners I have I feel I can reach the top!!

4. Who is someone at American Top Team that will surprise the masses in 2019?

Showtime: Me

5. On your Instagram bio you lead with Proud Father and we saw that in action when we were at American Top Team, for one big respect to you and two how tough is it to be a one of the best flyweight fighters in the world but also father of the year?

Showtime: I’m extremely blessed to be able to do my 2 favorite things but I feel being a father and a fighter define me and without 1 or the other neither is possible, I’ve always had to fight, but since my kids I have the strength!!

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