5 Questions with Elvin Brito

1. Elvin, where did you get the nickname “El Bandido”?

El Bandido: I’ve had so many Fight of the Nights going all the way back to my amateur days that a promoter called me “el bandido” because I always came to steal the show. It had a nice ring to it and it just stuck

2. You have fought inside a ring, squared circle and octagon, which is your favorite to fight in?

El Bandido: I love all forms of fighting & I’m always glad to be under those lights but, anybody who has been in there can attest that there is nothing quite as viceral as fighting in the squared circle.

3. You have fought some of the hottest names in combat sports, who is someone you want to get a shot at next?

El Bandido: I’m never really looking to fight anybody in particular. Whoever my next opponent is, I will be gunning for. I try to keep it simple. “one fight at a time “

4. What’s your favorite moment as a professional fighter?

El Bandido: So many awesome moments it’s hard to pick. I won the IF title. I got KO of the night at BKFC 3.  Had the Bloodiest fight of 2014. I won my 6th professional fight with a broken ulna. Coming back from that injury, rusty, after a year layoff to a fight of the night performance against a dangerous Patrick Cenoble is one of my favorite MMA moments. Gotta love a good comeback.

5. With being a professional for over 10 years, what’s your take on the evolution of the 2020 mix martial artist?

El Bandido: When I turned pro, there was literally no rules in the game lol. Only 10 Years ago it was still like the Wild West for amateurs. ten years ago we where still on the “trial & error “ phase. Everybody was still trying to figure out the best formula. The fact that it’s evolved so quickly is a testament of its success. Now the roads are paved & the ground work is laid out for a whole new generation of fighter that has been doing this since childhood. Things are looking great for MMA as far as talent. I think we’re gonna see some pretty awesome things in the future.

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