5 Questions with Devin Adams

1. What is happening this Friday night involving Island Fights?

Devin Adams: This Friday Island Fights 55 will be an all amateur event showcasing some of the best up and comers in the south east. We have a Muay Thai matches, boxing matches and of course MMA.

2. How important is Amateurism to Mix Martial Arts?

Devin Adams: Competing as an amateur is extremely important for athletes looking to become professionals. This is their opportunity to learn, test new skills, challenge themselves. Competitors should use this time to compete against everyone you can. Fight a south paw, fight an excellent wrestler with good boxing, challenge your Jui Jitsu. If you lose as an amateur it won’t matter once you take that next step as a professional athlete use this time to perfect your craft.

3. Are you a fan of Bare Knuckle Fighting?

Devin Adams: I am a fan of any way that a martial artist can showcase and challenge their skills. As fighters we are always looking for that next challenge.

4. Are you going to make a return inside the ring?

Devin Adams: As soon as my health is under control I hope to compete again. But until then I am thoroughly enjoying helping other fighters achieve their goals.

5. Island Fights have been on a major roll lately, what’s the reason behind the successful start of 2019 so far for Island Fights?

Devin Adams: Island Fights is in such a roll currently for two reasons. Number one, the athletes are coming to put on a show! They are all fighting their hearts out and the fans in attendance and on UFC Fight pass are seeing that. Number two is Dean Toole. The man works hard to make sure that Island Fights is the best it can be. He might be sleeping 2-3 hours a night. The rest of the time he’s researching fighters, talking to managers, and giving people opportunities.

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